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huge carp are your target then this is the water to tackle up on. Well conditioned specimens up to an incredible 35lb reside within this popular water, with heaps of high doubles and twenties mixed in for good measure.

It’s not just large carp that live in the 4.75 acre lake, with barbel to astonishing 12lb stocked in good numbers. Feeding large quantities of corn, pellet and boilies is the way to go during the summer months, with boilies and large pellets the best hookbaits. When the temperatures drop, single offerings and small PVA bags are your best bet.

All anglers are advised to use strong tackle on this venue due to the immense numbers of hard fighting specimens stocked. Very few matches take place on Lake One, making it ideal for pleasure rods looking for a tranquil days angling where a new personal best is a very real possibility.


Fish o mania qualifier
2012-04-21 22:08

Resukts of Fish o mania qualifier


1   Steve Cooke     lake 1 peg 9       146 lb 6oz

2  …

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Open Match
2012-04-01 20:21

The match was well attended with 42  fishing and 4 pegs used on lake 1 and inner Avon extra to advertised lakes. There was a tie for section win on lake 2 A bank with Jim Meakin and Colin…

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