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Carp to 20lb dominate the stocks in Lake Four, although there is a substantial stock of bream, roach and perch to keep your float going under if it’s just bites you are looking for.

Shallow tactics work a treat on this well-liked water, with bags of over 150lb achievable on the pellet waggler during the summer months. The long pole fished at just 18’ deep can also bring some electrifying action once the masses of carp swarm in on bait regularly hitting the water. When winter arrives, there is still plenty of rod bending action to be had, although a feeder fished towards the island with maggot or hair rigged corn takes over as the number one tactic.


Dynamite Baits Summer League
2012-07-22 22:22

Results from Dynamite Baits Summer League 22 July 2012


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Sunday open
2012-06-17 20:25

Results of open match 17 June 2012


1 Max Higgot        Lake 4  peg 7     145 lb

2 Sam Brown …

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Dynamite Bait Pairs 13/5/2012 Lake 2 and Lake 4
2012-05-13 21:29

Results for Dynamite Baits Pairs 13 May 2012

1   Charlie Shaw    Lake 2…

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