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Every young aspiring carp angler wants to hear the sound of their alarms screaming off regularly, and this is one water where that is virtually guaranteed to happen. While the fish don’t quite reach the enormous sizes that are present in Lake One, there are more of them and stacks of double figure carp, with the odd twenty find their way to the bank during every visitors session. Large tench to 7lb are also present and always muscle their way in on the feeding frenzy during the summer.

These fish love to get there heads down and feed during the warmer months, so it is advisable to introduce large amounts of corn, pellet and boilies. Sport is also hectic over the cold season, with PVA bags and single baits coming into their own. Anglers wishing to employ match style tactics will also score heavily, with the method feeder proving a fantastic tactic all year round.

Very few matches take place on Lake Five, making it a firm favorite with pleasure anglers.


Dynamite Baits Summer League
2012-07-22 22:22

Results from Dynamite Baits Summer League 22 July 2012


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Sunday open
2012-06-17 20:25

Results of open match 17 June 2012


1 Max Higgot        Lake 4  peg 7     145 lb

2 Sam Brown …

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Fish o mania qualifier
2012-04-21 22:08

Resukts of Fish o mania qualifier


1   Steve Cooke     lake 1 peg 9       146 lb 6oz

2  …

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