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Wed, 30/04/2014 (All day)
Lakes: Lake 2A, Lakes: Lake 2B

The early pegs on each bank had the better sport in the Wednesday Nisa open on lake 2.

Matt Parkin (Matrix, Dynamite Trentmen) made it two wins in a row with 118-06 from peg B11.  He started on the method feeder and caught carp to 13-08 steadily throughout the match by varying methods (bomb, waggler and pole)

Dave McDowell (Coventry) on peg B1 fished waggler for his 10 carp catch weighing 81-00 for second place, putting him well clear of Ian Hughes (Browning Central) who had 53lb from peg A9 and Charlie Shaw who had 52-06  from peg A11.

1 Matt Parkin 118-06

2 Dave McDowell  81-00

3 Ian Hughes      53.00

4 Charlie Shaw  52.06

5 Stuart Emery   51.06

6 Phil Hill  50-12